By using www.iguanadigital.com.ec, you signify your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use, please do not use this site. IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. reserves the right to change, add, delete or modify these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. Please check these Terms and Conditions of Use periodically for changes.


  1. IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. recognizes that the security of the private information provided by its clients and third parties deserves the greatest interest and care. Likewise, they have the right to know how the information provided and obtained through the agreements signed, as well as through this web site accessible through the address website.iguanadigital.com.ec, among other electronic links belonging to IGUANA DIGITAL S.A., will be used and treated.
  2. IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. undertakes to process the personal data provided by its clients and third parties taking into consideration the purposes and methods detailed in this declaration. To this end, it undertakes to comply with the principles of legality, consent, proportionality, quality, security, purpose, and the others established in the personal data protection regulations in force. Notwithstanding the above, in observance of the principle of continuous improvement of the organisation, IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. reserves the right to modify the present policy, either to adapt it to the regulatory changes that are implemented, to provide a better quality in the service offered or to communicate new alternatives to its clients related to the service already contracted.
  3. Each client commits and guarantees that the Personal Data provided to IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. are truthful and current. In this sense, he/she will be responsible for communicating in a timely manner to IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. through the channels established by the latter, about any correction, update or modification that may occur in them.
  4. The collection and processing (technological and non-technological; automated and non-automated) of the Personal Data; as well as the eventual transfers, orders and cross-border flows that are carried out on these to related companies or suppliers of IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. have as their purpose the execution of the contractual obligations established between the client (or third parties) and IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. and are necessary for their development, fulfilment and improvement of the quality and offer of the services and products provided. In this sense, such data may be necessary for the management, administration, provision, extension and improvement of the services in which the client or third party decides to subscribe or contract, register or unsubscribe, as well as to use the adaptation of such services to the preferences and tastes of its clients or third parties. Likewise, such data may be used for statistical purposes in order to study the use of services by customers and design new products or services related to them, sending updates of our services; sending -by physical and/or electronic means- technical, operational and commercial information about products and services offered by IGUANA DIGITAL S.A.
  5. Personal data will only be collected if customers or third parties provide their consent through their expression of will expressed in any type of registration, printed or virtual forms, telephone calls, mobile applications (apps), emails or any other means provided by law. The collection may also be carried out through requests for orders or consultations for the contracting of a specific service or product or in similar situations where customers or third parties have chosen to provide such information. IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. will not use the personal data that has been provided for activities other than those that the client or third party has authorised in their consent.
  6. When customer information is no longer required for the purpose for which it was obtained, such information shall be destroyed, except in cases where the information must be preserved due to a legal or contractual obligation or court order.
  7. IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. adopts the security levels of protection of personal data legally required in the Security Directive issued by the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data. Likewise, it implements and improves its internal processes, and adopts the necessary technical measures to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the personal data of its clients or third parties. In this order of ideas, when using the web site of IGUANA DIGITAL S.A., data is stored in its servers for computer security purposes. This data may include the name of the internet service provider of the client or third party, the web browser used to connect to this site and the websites visited from our website and the IP address. Notwithstanding the above, IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. disclaims its responsibility for the consequences that are generated as a result of fortuitous events or force majeure, cybercrime, dishonesty, criminal offences, whether these are caused by third parties, suppliers or collaborators.
  8. The personal data contained in the databases managed by IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. will not be disclosed to third parties without the prior consent of their owners, unless otherwise provided by law or order issued by a competent authority.
  9. IGUANA DIGITAL S.A. will inform on this page of the changes introduced in the personal data protection policy with reasonable notice prior to their implementation; specifying that certain services provided may contain - in a specific manner - particular conditions regarding personal data protection which will also be communicated.

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